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Tabbed by: Zack Parsons, TMMT

Artist: Jason Mraz
Title: The Remedy (I Won't Worry)
Album: Waiting for My Rocket to Come
Label: Elektra

I said I'd do it, so here it is. I also have Sleep All Day about 95%
complete. I want to make sure it is as accurate as possible before I post
it, so I'll have it up within the next few days, no doubt. Sounds good as

Okay, to make this much simpler on all of us (and much easier on me), I'm
going to group the chords (and their tabs, don't worry) into the different
portions of the song... ie Intro, Verse, etc... Then, I'll post the song
order. You just have to cut and paste where things go. The changes will be
clear enough you should have no problem putting it all together. Here it is:

Intro: G, Eb, Bb, F2, D, Eb, Bb, F1 (pause)
Verse: G, C, F1, Bb
Chorus: G, Bb, F1; G, Bb, Eb, F2
Bridge#1: "Turn off the sun" G, Eb, Bb, F2
Bridge#2: "The remedy is the experience...liason...comedy" Bb (that's all to
Outro: Chorus (fade)

Mmkay... SONG ORDER: Intro, V1, Ch1, Intro(Bridge), V2, Ch2, Bridge#1,
Bridge#2, Outro(Ch3).

G (3/5/(5)/./././)

Eb (x/x/1/3/(4)/.)

Bb (x/1/3/(3)/././)

F2 (x/x/3/5/(6)/./)

D (x/5/7/(7)/././)

F1 (1/3/(3)/./././)

C (x/3/5/(5)/././)

Explaination: (1) F1 and F2 are the same notes, different octaves. So,
although they are the same notes, one can hear a difference. (2) The notes
in parentheses denote that they are optional. It doesn't matter if they get
played or not. (3) On Bridge#2; Bb is the only chord played, but it sounds
as though there is a change. There is not. Actually, I don't think that
there is any guitar in it. I think I tabbed the bass just so that we
guitarists can play something thru it. So, to get the sound of change
without actually changing, only play the top notes of the chord at first,
and juggle between then and the root note. That is, play (x/x/3/(3)...) then
(x/1/x/x/x/x/). (4) The "." in the chord tabs are simply "place holders". It
doesn't mean mute or anything special. Simply don't play the strings. Whew.
I'm done.

I don't check hotmail much anymore, so send all short messages to, and I'll get 'em there.

Yay for guitar/ists.
acoustic version

Artist: Jason Mraz
Title: The Remedy (Acoustic)
Album: Waiting for My Rocket to Come
Tabbed by: Arbie Glenn Pineda

This is a great acoustic song, and I'm sure Jason Mraz
plays this differently in his albums, the way he
usually does. This song is fairly easy and fun to
play as well. Which is why I've tabbed this acoustic
solo as he no doubt varies the chords. I'm confident
this is accurate.

Intro 1: G, Eb, Bb, F, C, G5, D, Eb, F (pause)
	G - 355xxx
	Eb- 688(8)x
	Bb- x133(3)x
	F - xx356x
	C - x355xx
	G5- x557xx
	D - x577xx
Verse: G, C, F, Bb
	F - 1332xx
Chorus: Bb, Eb, F, G, D, Eb, F
	G - xx578x
Bridge1: G, Eb, Bb, F
Bridge2: Bb, Eb, Ab, Db
	Ab - 466(5)xx
	Db - x466xx

There you go. The progression is
If you want to closely emulate Mraz's style, then
consider THESE
INTRO: the chord progression from C to G5 in the intro
is actually just
	  a single-strum slide; the parenthesized note in Bb
is a hammer on from
	  the first fret (x1331x hammer on to x1333x)
	VER/CHO: G's and F's have varied chord voicings
throughout the
	  song, so pay close attention to the tab
	BRIDGE1: (when i fall in love...), use the G chord in
the chorus and the
	  F chord in the intro
 	BRIDGE2: (the remedy...) right after bridge1; note
in parenthesis is optional.

Most importantly... listen to the song for study!

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