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Jason Mraz chords for Ill do anything

Guitar chords

Album: Waiting for my Rocket to Come
Tabber: Andrew Connor (Drewsuredaddy@yahoo.com)
The intro and the verses are all the same, its just this:
  A   E  F#m  A chord diagramD MajorD
B-5---0---2---7--  for these parts, just hit the bass note twice
G-6---1---2---7--  and then play the chord, im sure you know
D-7---2---4---7--  what i mean if you've heard the song
Then the Chorus is like this:
  A  A7   D   A chord diagramDmDm
And the bridge is this:
e-2---2---2---2--           e-2---1-
B-2---2---2---2--           B-3---3-
G-2---2---2---2-- x2 then:  G-2---2-
D-4---3---2---1--           D-0---0-
A-4---4---4---2--           A-0---0-
E-2---2---2---x--           E-0---0-
Any comments or questions email me at Drewsuredaddy@yahoo.com


ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Ill Do Anything' by Jason Mraz, a male acoustic artist from Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA. Jason Mraz was born in 1977. Jason Mraz is known for his dreamy rock/pop music.

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