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Misplaced chords by Moxy Früvous

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Written and recorded by Moxy Fruvous
From the album "Wood" (WEA CD-10616, 1995)
Transcribed August 1995 by Charlie Gibbs (Charlie_Gibbs@mindlink.bc.ca)

G                 Am     D7
Your ...

G                  Am        D7
But ..

G       G7               Am
Me ..

      Cm        G
 won't ..

                Am        D11 D7 Em A7
But ..And


     Dm         G7
    I ...

     Dm           G7
    I ...

      Dm         G7      F   Em  A7
    And ...

      Am        D7
    The ..

    Am7          D7
    Everything ..

       Am7           D7
    In a ....

         Em   G
    You ..

G                 Am      D7
You ...

G                 Am        D7
And ...

G        G7                Am
I ..

    Cm           G
 and ...

                    Am       D11 D7 Em A7
I ..that


    (Intrumental) And


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