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Motörhead chords for Brave new world

Chords with lyrics

Brave New World by Motorhead
Tabbed/Chorded by Joseph Visaggi

Tune a halfstep down.

/=Slide Up
G5/A5, G5/A5

A chord diagramBB|----------------------------|
A chord diagramG+G|----------------------------|
A chord diagramD MajorD|----------------------------|
A chord diagramA augmentedA|--5/7-7-7-7-7--5/7-7-7-7-7--|
A chord diagramE MajorE|--3/5-5-5-5-5--3/5-5-5-5-5--|
The rhythm for this part is a little complicated to notate.
Listen to the CD to get a feel for it.
And that goes for 8 measures.

The first 3 1/2 times the riff is the same as the intro,
but the last half of the fourth measure does this:
C5, A#5   (they each get the value of a quarter note)

It does the same thing on the last half of the 8th measure.
Then it goes into B5, A5, G5, A chord diagramA5A5
Those get a measure each and the entire part is done twice
D5     C5     D5           A chord diagramA5A5
Brave  New    World
D5     C5     D5           D#5
Brave  New    World
D5     C5     D5           A chord diagramA5A5
Brave  New    World
A chord diagramA5A5
Repeat (2nd time, the A chord diagramA5A5 on the 4th line is an A chord diagramE5E5)
Then, another measure of A chord diagramE5E5
F5, E5, G#5, E5, F5, E5, G#5, A chord diagramE5E5
Those get a full measure each.
The bass part just stays on F#.  I'm still working on the guitar part.
The song ends on C5, A5.  (One hit each.)
Any questions or comments can be mailed to hempick2004@hotmail.com
ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Brave New World' by Motörhead, a speed metal band formed in 1975 from London, UK. They retired in 2015. Motörhead was known for their angry metal music.

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