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Mortimer Nova tabs for Trust this handshake

Guitar tabs with lyrics

-----   --------   -------   ---------
-9---   ---10-9-   -------   -8--10-6-
-8-6-   -8-8--8-   -4-5-7-   -9--9--7-
-9-7-   -9------   -3-3-5-   -10-10-8-
-7-7-   -9-9--9-   -5-5-7-   -------8-
---5-   -7-7--7-   -------   ---------

i'm not your lover
at least not the one you bargained for
and it hurts to discover
you lying naked on the floor

laid down in evergreen fields
overshadowed by towers
sunburst radiance glows
i could watch you for hours

1. accept gods flawed reasoning
2. tear my fabric, tear your sails and sink to cities made of gold


rip your stitches and welcome home
screaming at pictures in desperation
caught red fire in both my eyes

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