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Guitar Tabs Explorer
Mortimer Nova tabs for To inject


capo 3
both e drop d

-6-----   ---------------   ---------------
-6-6---   -----------4---   ---4-----------
-5-----   -------3-5---3-   -8-------------
-6-5-5-   -3-5-6---------   -6-5-----------
---6-5-   ---------------   -8-6-----------
-----5-   ---------------   ---------------

god is sleeping
on my bed
calling sheep, for his
pictured in light bulbs
soaked in alcohol
soiled conclusion
warmed instead

oh no (oh no) oh no (oh no)
temperature rising
on the bee hive
a spark thats willing
to only cause a fire
blanket the fire wall
the queen will always fall
nectar from harlots
is not as sweet
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'To Inject' by, formed in 2000

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