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The Last Time You'll Say I Love You by Mortimer Nova

The Last Time You'll Say I Love You tab by Mortimer Nova

Tabs with lyrics

-12-11-9-9-11-9-7>0-4-2-0-0-2-4-5-4-2----     -0--2-     -14-0-  ---------------
-----------------------------------------     -12-0-     -12-9-  ---------------
-----------------------------------------     -13-8-     -13-8-  ---------------
-----------------------------------------     -11-9-     -11-9-  ---------------
-----------------------------------------     -0--7-     -0--7-  ---------------
-----------------------------------------     -0--0-     -0--0-  -0-2-4-2-0-2-0-
part 1                                        part 2     part 3     part 4

---------------------     -------------------------
---------------------     -------------------------
---------------------     -------------------------
---------------------     -------------------------
---------------------     -------------------------
-5-5-4-5-7-5-4-5-4-2-     -5-5-4-5-7-9-7-5-4-5-4-2-
part 5a                   part 5b

i survived all you wanted
i provide early sunsets
until you try, until you, come give away
wheels of time, roll away

softened sky rolling skyline
cautioned eyes captured lost time
until you try, until you, can get away
patience tried, not today

waiting for the day to come down
waiting for the night to wake up
gazing out keeps me falling back on you
back on you x3

say i love you for the last time

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