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Rosio by Mortimer Nova


capo on 7
drop low e to d

-9----------   ----------------
-10---------   ----------------
-11-14------   ----12----------
----12-12-9-   -12-14-14-------
----14-12-9-   -14----12-14-12-
------------   ----------12-12-

i feel so insightful
but i cant feel my tongue
and i cant hear my thoughts

i bite the hand that feeds my mind
and cut the hand that comes
to close to be helpful

revenge of the traitor
that once washed my feet
and sat by my side

imaginary words
imaginary words
imaginary words

oh oh oh

the screw that held the ship together
has gotten lost at sea
and the captain pulls his flag up high
for the passengers to see
you don't have to be a millionaire
to be rich and wealthy

imaginary words
imaginary words
imaginary words

salvation for the weak
is all in what you believe
professor fairy tale
can spread a million seeds
you dont need a map
to know x marks the spot
oh oh oh
oh oh oh

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