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Mortimer Nova tabs for Hide

Tabs with lyrics

copa 2
finger pick

-0-0-  -0-3-0-3-  ---------  ---------
-3-3-  -1-0-1-0-  ---------  ---------
-2-0-  -2-0-0-0-  -5-5-5-2-  ---------
-3-2-  -3-3-2-2-  -7-5-3-2-  -3-3-2-2-
-0-2-  -0-2-3-2-  ---------  -3-2-2-0-
-0-0-  -0-0-0-0-  ---------  ---------

sometimes i dont know what i want. i just know i cant handle this. but i
cant stand that i'm not enough for you. and other guys have to help fill
my shoes. i wish i could be enough for you. but i cant. so i give up. you
seem to be able to move on so fast. like i never mattered at all. i tried
to move past my jealous instincts. but it never seemed enough. there's
nothing left to do but hide.
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Hide' by, formed in 2000

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