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Steve Morse bass tabs for User friendly

Bass tabs with lyrics

User Friendly
		   		Steve Morse Band

     \____/   \____/

 _/                 \--

 _/       \___/       \___/      \___/      \_


I've had this tab around for ages, and never got round to posting
it. Its not perfect, but I hope its usefull. This is one of my
favourite tracks by the SMB. It's also one of the easiest for bass.


1)	This is actually pretty simple. Each riff is repeated a
number of time to fill out the appropriate section. Listen to the
album (Coast to Coast) for the order.

2)	The opening note is a bottom D - I've written its as for a
kubicki. Deal with it as appropriate for your hardware.

3)	Notes in brackets are harmonics

4)	There are some notes missing from the solo. These are lower
notes that fill in the gaps between the main melody line. I've
skiped these because I'm lazy.

5)	The verse riff is a bit tricky, but there are no secrets to
it - just a case of good solid left and right hand technique
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'User Friendly' by Steve Morse, a male rock artist. Steve Morse was born in 1954.

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