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Last Of The Famous International by Morrissey

Last Of The Famous International chords by Morrissey

Chords with lyrics

Thanks to whoever posted Smiths/Morrissey chords. We need more!

Here are the chords to 'The Last of the Famous International
Playboys' by Morrissey:

Before you learn this song you are REQUIRED to know who the Krays are.
Twin brothers, gangsters in London in the swinging sixties. Very much
alive and very much in prison right now. (Maybe of them is dead
now.Not sure.)  In any case, one of them just published a book last

Great celebrity figures in their day - no anonymous underworld for
them! Known as popular casino proprietors, party hosts, rubbed elbows
with the rich and famous and were photographed with near-royalty.  Yet
they were horribly violent, unpredictable and fearsome. One of them
was distinguished from the other by his serious mental disorders and
his taste for young men.

There was a movie about them a couple years ago. Haven't seen it.
section 1 is Chord diagramD MajorD and Chord diagramG+G repeated over and over
section 2 is Chord diagramG+G Chord diagramC majorC Chord diagramA augmentedA Chord diagramC majorC

Dear hero imprisoned....

[2, twice]
I can't help quoting ....

in my cell...

famous international ...

and now in my ...

famous ....

See, in our lifetimes ....

wanted to kill....

The last of the famous international playboys...

Simple enough, innit?


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Last of the famous international playboysChords

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