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Author/Artist: Morrissey
Title: Driving Your Girlfriend Home
Album: Kill Uncle
Transcribed by: Benjamin Hudson
Email: mrbootsy@aol.com

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I couldn't find this one anywhere on the web, so I sat down and did it mysel=
It's a 3/4 beat (I think), but it's pretty easy to follow. There are two
guitars in this recording, and they sometimes do different things, (e.g. the
finger-picking guitar uses [C#m: x46650]) I tried to balance them, and I
think this is about dead on. But if you think you have a correction, let me
know! Comments are welcome.

    VERSES            CHORUS
    EADGBE            EADGBE

  E: 022100           G: 320033
Eadd9: 022102          Am: x02210
Amaj7: x47654           C: x32010
Cmaj7: x7 10 9 8 7        D: xx0232
 C#m: x46654          Bm: x24432
  A6: 044220         =20
 G#m: 466444
  B: 799877
Dadd9: 200230
Bsus2: 224422

INTRO: E (2 measures)
    Eadd9 Amaj7 (2 measures)

Cmaj7  C#m  A6   G#m B   Cmaj7
   I'm driving your girlfriend home

     C#m  A6       G#m  B
And she's saying how ...

Dadd9    Bsus2    Dadd9  Bsus2  Dadd9
"Turn left", she says. I t...

G       Am  C      Am   D
 "So how did I end up so d...

G     Am    C       Am D
 The very existence I pl....

  Bm Dadd9 Eadd9  Amaj7  Eadd9  Amaj7...
And I  can't answer

Cmaj7  C#m  A6   G#m B   Cmaj7
   I'm driving your girlfriend home

     C#m   Amaj7        G#m B
And she's laughing   to ....

Dadd9    Bsus2    Dadd9  Bsus2  Dadd9
"Drive on", she says. I dr....

G       Am  C         Am D
 "So how did I end up at....

G         Am     C     Am D
 When his sense of h..

  Bm Dadd9 Eadd9 (let ring)
And I  can't tell her

Eadd9  Amaj7  Eadd9  Amaj7...

Cmaj7  C#m   Amaj7  G#m   B
   I'm parking o...

Cmaj7     C#m      Amaj7        G#m   B  Eadd9
   And we're shaking hands.   "G....



I'm driving...

"So how did I end up..."
D-|-------------------0-|-------------------0-|---0---Back to Intro-

That same pattern repeats for the rest of the song, except the last line:

And we're shaking hands...
E-|-----------2-4-----|-0- (let ring)

That's it! This was my first attempt at tabbing... not too shabby, huh?
Have fun, and good luck... -Benzilla

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