Your House by Alanis Morissette

Your House chords by Alanis Morissette

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You House - by Alanis Morissette

This is the famous 'hidden track' from the 'Jagged Little Pill', this song
used to be played as the last song of the 95-96 tour.

Here are all the chord you will need to use, I have to admit not to know
the full technical name, hence the question mark:

  A5     Gm(?)    E      D5
e|--0--|	e|--0--|	e|--0--|	e|--0--|
B|--0--|	B|--0--|	B|--0--|	B|--3--|
G|--2--|	G|--2--|	G|--1--|	G|--2--|
D|--2--|	D|--4--|	D|--2--|	D|--0--|
A|--0--|	A|--4--|	A|--2--|	A|--0--|
E|--0--|	E|--X--|	E|--0--|	E|--x--|

  B(?)    F#(?)    B(?)    B(??)
e|--0--|	e|--0--|	e|--0--|	e|--0--|
B|--7--|	B|--2--|	B|--4--|	B|--0--|
G|--8--|	G|--3--|	G|--4--|	G|--4--|
D|--9--|	D|--4--|	D|--4--|	D|--4--|
A|--9--|	A|--4--|	A|--2--|	A|--0--|
E|--x--|	E|--x--|	E|--x--|	E|--x--|

  C5#     Dm5#    A(?)
e|--4--|	e|--6--|	e|--0--|
B|--4--|	B|--7--|	B|--0--|
G|--6--|	G|--8--|	G|--7--|
D|--6--|	D|--8--|	D|--8--|
A|--4--|	A|--6--|	A|--0--|
E|--x--|	E|--x--|	E|--X--|

Verse: (I went to your house...)

A5 - Gm5 - E - D5 (x2)

Pre-chorus: (And I should not...)

Gm5 - B(?) (x2)

Chorus: (Would you forgive...)

F#(?) - E - B(?) - B(??) (x2)
F#(?) - E - B(?) - C5# - Dm5#

This is basically the whole structure which you repeat 2x,
the last chord you is:


I am not sure if this is all very clear, but in doubt drop me
a line.

Hope you will find this useful,


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