Simple Game by The Moody Blues

Simple Game chords by The Moody Blues

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Simple Game  (Moody Blues)

   Bm / / /
   [       ] x4

   Bm     D        Em       G  F#   Bm
%  As time goes by, you will see, that ....

       D         Em      G   F#     Bm
   You and me, will touch the sky, can you ....

         D         Em        G   F#   Bm
   That we are one, we're all the same, ...

   D     Em    F#
   Do do do, do do do, ....Go &

    G            Bm  A   G D
   Thoughts of another ...

   Thinking how ...

   Bm      A        G       D A
   All of the things that ....

   Bm            D
   Be what we want to be, ...

   Em     F#   Bm D     Em    F#
   What we are meant to be, do ....Go %(3)

&  Bm / Bm7 Bm6

   Bm    D     Em    F#
   [Do do do, do do do....]  Repeat and fade

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Put your problems out with the cat -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Written by:  Mick Anderson
Assisted by:  Ria Heeringa
        Shelley Giblin
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Must be lamb today cause beef was last week =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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