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Universe by Monty Python

Chords with lyrics

I'd call this one "The Universe Song"; I don't know if that's
the real title. From Monty Python's _The Meaning of Life_:

(Spoken... music creeps in towards the end...)
Whenever life gets you down....(Chord diagramG+G)

(played in a simple bass-note/chord form in 4)

*Verse I*
Chord diagramG+G  Chord diagramG7G7
Just re-
Chord diagramC majorC
member that you're standing on a ...
Chord diagramC majorC                 Chord diagramG+G
revolving at nine-...
Chord diagramG7G7
and orbiting at nineteen miles ...,
                  Chord diagramC majorC
a sun that is the source of ...
Chord diagramC majorC
Now the sun and you and me, and all ....
Chord diagramA7A7              Chord diagramFF
Are moving a ...
Chord diagramF7F7                Chord diagramC majorC
In an outer spiral arm at ...
Chord diagramG7G7               Chord diagramC majorC
of the galaxy we call the ...

(chords same for all verses)

*Verse II*
Our galaxy itself contains a ....

Break -- odd animations...

*Verse III*
The universe itself keeps on expanding ....

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