I'm Not Dead Yet by Monty Python

I'm Not Dead Yet chords by Monty Python

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C            G
I am not dead yet, I can dance and I can sing. I am
G7         C
not dead yet, I can do the Highland Fling. I am not dead yet, no
F          G        G7
need to go to bed no, need to call a doctor cause I'm
C  F/C C
not yet dead

C             G
He is not yet dead, that's what the geezer said. Oh, he's

G7         C
not yet dead, that man is off his head. He is not yet dead.
C          G         G7
Put him back in bed. Keep him off the cart because he's
C  F/C C
not yet dead
C            G7
Well, now he's dead. You whacked him on the head. Sure, now he's dead. It
C                   C/E
makes me just see red. You are such a brute to
F              G
murder that old cbot. You homicida1 bastard, now he's
C  F/C C
real ly dead
Who is the knave who put him in his grave and who needs to manage his anger?
 F      C7             F
My name is Lancelot, I'm big and strong and hot
       C7           F
Occaionally i do some things I should not
 G      C     G        C     G
I want to be a knight but I don't like to fight I'm rather scared I
C     D  D7
may simply run away

Eb7   Ab           Eb7
I'll be right with you, Robin,through and through and through. So, stick with me and I'll
show you what to do

(Lancelot and Robin)
          Ab/C      Db       Ddim     Eb
We'll re main good chums. You can teach me how to dance. We're going to enlist.
Ab   Db/Ab   Ab
I'm Robin and I'm Lance
E7     A       E7
Oh, we're off to war because we're not yet dead. We will all enlist as the
Knights that AT - thur led

   A/C#      D        D#dim  E7
I am coming, too. My name will be Sir Fred.  1'11 be your musician 'cause I'm
A  D/E A
not yet dead.

D7      G        D7               G
No, we're not dead yet. To Camelot we go to enlist instead, to try and earn some dough
    G/B     C           C/E    D7      D7/F#
And so, a1though we should have stayed in bed, we're going off to war because we're
G  C/G G
not yet dead.
We're going off to war. We'll have girlfriends by the score.
D  D/C D/B D/A G   G/B

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