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Monster Magnet chords and tabs

Monster Magnet tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Monster Magnet. Learn songs like Atomic Clock, Ego The Living Planet, Goliath and The Vampires, Slap In The Face and Space Lord easy.

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Song title Type
19 WitchesGuitar Tabs
3rd Eye LandslideGuitar Chords
3rd Eye LandslideGuitar Tabs
Atomic ClockBass Tabs
Atomic ClockGuitar Chords
Atomic ClockGuitar Tabs
Baby GoetterdaemmerungGuitar Chords
Baby GotterdamerungGuitar Chords
Black BagGuitar Tabs
Blow Em OffGuitar Tabs
BummerBass Tabs
BummerGuitar Chords
BummerGuitar Tabs
Cage Around The SunGuitar Tabs
Crop CircleBass Tabs
Crop CircleGuitar Tabs
Cyclops RevolutionGuitar Tabs
DoomsdayGuitar Tabs
Dope To Infinity IntroGuitar Tabs
Dopes To InfinityGuitar Tabs
Ego The Living PlanetGuitar Tabs
Face DownGuitar Tabs
Gods And PunksGuitar Tabs
Goliath And The VampiresGuitar Tabs
Heads ExplodeGuitar Tabs
I Live Behind The CloudsGuitar Tabs
Little Bag Of GloomGuitar Tabs
Lizard JohnnyGuitar Tabs
Look To You Orb For The WarningGuitar Tabs
Master Of LightGuitar Tabs
MeltGuitar Tabs
Mr DestroyerGuitar Chords
Negasonic Teenage WarheadGuitar Chords
Negasonic Teenage WarheadGuitar Tabs
Nod SceneGuitar Tabs
OziumGuitar Chords
ParadiseGuitar Tabs
Pill ShovelGuitar Tabs
PowertripGuitar Chords
PowertripGuitar Tabs
See You In HellGuitar Tabs
Sins A Good Mans BrotherGuitar Tabs
Slap In The FaceGuitar Tabs
Space LordBass Tabs
Space LordGuitar Tabs
SpacelordBass Tabs
SpacelordGuitar Chords
StadiumGuitar Tabs
SuperjudgeGuitar Tabs
Temple Of Your DreamsGuitar Chords
Temple Of Your DreamsGuitar Tabs
TractorGuitar Chords
TractorGuitar Tabs
Twin EarthGuitar Tabs
Your Lies Become YouGuitar Tabs
Zodiac LungGuitar Tabs