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The Monkees chords and tabs

The Monkees tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Monkees. Learn songs like Aunties Municipal Court, I Got No Time, Ill Be Back Up On My Feet, Love To Love and We Were Made For Each Other easy.

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Song title Type
99 PoundsGuitar Chords
A Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouBass Tabs
A Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouGuitar Chords
A Man Without A DreamGuitar Chords
Acapulco SunBass Tabs
Acapulco SunGuitar Chords
All Alone In The DarkGuitar Chords
All Of Of Your ToysBass Tabs
All The Kings HorsesGuitar Chords
Angel BandBass Tabs
Apples Peaches Bananas And PearsBass Tabs
Apples Peaches Bananas And PearsGuitar Chords
As We Go AlongGuitar Chords
Aunties Municipal CourtGuitar Chords
Bye Bye Baby Bye ByeGuitar Chords
Calico Girlfriend SambaBass Tabs
Calico Girlfriend SambaGuitar Chords
Carlisle WheelingGuitar Chords
Circle SkyGuitar Chords
D W WashburnGuitar Chords
Daily NightlyBass Tabs
Daily NightlyGuitar Tabs
Daydream BelieverBass Tabs
Daydream BelieverGuitar Chords
Daydream BelieverGuitar Intro
Daydream Believer UkuleleGuitar Chords
Do I Have To Do This All Over AgainBass Tabs
Do It In The Name Of LoveBass Tabs
Do You Feel It TooBass Tabs
Don't Call On MeGuitar Chords
Don't Listen To LindaBass Tabs
Don't Listen To LindaGuitar Chords
Don't Wait For MeGuitar Intro
Early Morning Blues And GreensGuitar Chords
For Petes SakeGuitar Chords
Girl I Knew SomewhereGuitar Chords
Goin DownBass Tabs
Good Clean FunBass Tabs
Good Clean FunGuitar Chords
Good TimesGuitar Chords
Hard To BelieveBass Tabs
Hard To BelieveGuitar Intro
Hey Hey Were The MonkeesGuitar Chords
HollywoodBass Tabs
I Can't Get Her Off My MindBass Tabs
I Can't Get Her Off My MindGuitar Chords
I Don't Think You Know MeBass Tabs
I Don't Think You Know MeGuitar Chords
I Got No TimeGuitar Chords
I Know What I KnowGuitar Chords
I Ll Be Back Up On My FeetGuitar Tabs
I Love You BetterGuitar Chords
I Never Thought It PeculiarGuitar Chords
I Prithee Do Not Ask For LoveGuitar Chords
I Wanna Be FreeBass Tabs
I Wanna Be FreeGuitar Chords
I Wanne Be FreeGuitar Tabs
I Was Born In East VirginiaGuitar Chords
I Won't Be The Same Without HerBass Tabs
I Won't Be The Same Without HerGuitar Chords
If I Ever Get To Saginaw AgainGuitar Chords
If You Have The TimeBass Tabs
I'll Be Back Up On My FeetBass Tabs
I'll Be Back Up On My FeetGuitar Chords
I'll Be True To YouGuitar Chords
I'll Love You ForeverGuitar Chords
I'll Spend My Life With YouBass Tabs
I'll Spend My Life With YouGuitar Chords
I'm A BelieverBass Tabs
I'm A BelieverGuitar Chords
I'm Not Your Steppin StoneGuitar Chords
I'm Not Your Stepping StoneGuitar Chords
Its Got To Be LoveGuitar Chords
Its Nice To Be With YouBass Tabs
Its Not Too LateGuitar Chords
Kicking StonesBass Tabs
Lady JaneBass Tabs
Lady JaneGuitar Chords
Ladys BabyGuitar Chords
Last Train To ClarksvilleGuitar Chords
Last Train To ClarksvilleGuitar Tabs
Last Train To Clarksville (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Listen To The BandGuitar Chords
Listen To The Band (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Long Way HomeGuitar Chords
Look Out Here Comes TomorrowBass Tabs
Look Out Here Comes TomorrowGuitar Chords
Love Is Only SleepingGuitar Chords
Love To LoveGuitar Chords
Magnolia SimmsGuitar Chords
Mary MaryGuitar Tabs
Me And MagdalenaBass Tabs
Me And MagdalenaGuitar Chords
Me Without YouBass Tabs
Merry Go RoundBass Tabs
Midnight TrainGuitar Chords
Mommy And DaddyGuitar Chords