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Steak For Chicken by The Moldy Peaches

Steak For Chicken chords by The Moldy Peaches

Chords with lyrics

The Moldy Peaches
>From their self-titled album
Brought to you by the Bean

Steak For Chicken

Simply play the following chords:

Chord diagramA augmentedA     Chord diagramA/EA/E	Chord diagramA augmentedA	Chord diagramA/EA/E
Mardi Gras   	came and went
Chord diagramG+G	Chord diagramG/EG/E	Chord diagramG+G	Chord diagramG/EG/E
All my money 	has been spent

						EADGBe			EADGBe
Chord diagramA/EA/E means an Chord diagramA augmentedA chord with an Chord diagramE MajorE in the bass; i.e.001110 as opposed to
Chord diagramG/EG/E means an Chord diagramG+G chord with an Chord diagramE MajorE in the bass; 	020033 as opposed to  	320033
I personally prefer 020033 for the Chord diagramG/EG/E but 320003 for the Chord diagramG+G but it's all
personal preference, i suppose.

When playing the chords, strum in time with the music but try and pick out
the bass string (the one furthest from the floor) more on each chord change.
There's a whole variety of ways to play it, it can work quite well if you
pick out the bass note and just strum the highest pitched four strings, just
to avoid catching the Chord diagramE MajorE on the Chord diagramA augmentedA chord. You could, of course, just mute teh
e-string with your thumb... again, whatever works best for you!

Think that's all for this one, anyway, so play on :D

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