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Can You Dig It by Mock Turtles

Can You Dig It bass tab by Mock Turtles

Bass tabs with lyrics

			   CAN YOU DIG IT - The Mock Turtles

Tabbed By : Mick "Legohead" Morley
e-mail: [email protected]

Tuning: Standard

Following a few "guitar only" intro bars the bass starts...

G|-------------------------------------------| This run up is
D|--------------------------111-111----------| played just once
A|-----------------22-044-0------------------| before moving to
E|-00-022-044-055-0--------------------------| intro riff below
G|-------------------------------------------| This riff may be played
D|-------------------------------------------| either twice or four times
A|-----------242-----------------------------| depending on the version
E|-024542-245--------------------------------| you are playing*

Once the verse starts you play right through to the end of the chorus...

G|-------------------------------------------| This riff is the same basic
D|-21----------------------------------------| pattern for all verses
A|---4242------------------------------------| and choruses but not for
E|-------245242------------------------------| instrumental later on

At the post chorus bridge part you play...

G|-------------------------------------------| This bit is repeated
D|-------------------------------------------| several times depending
A|-44-2-0-0000-------------------------------| on the verse/chorus it
E|-------------------------------------------| follows

And then to finsh the bridge part...

G|-------------------------------------------| The B is on the word "sad"
D|-------------------------------------------| with the A coming on the
A|-2222-2222-0-0-0-0-------------------------| words "someone turn the
E|-------------------------------------------| light on"

The instrumental verse starts with the verse/chorus riff played twice...


At which point the bass hits either D or E on the A string and slides to 12th
fret and back repeatedly. Best to experiment with what sounds best for you.

* Obviuosly, during the main riff the A played on the 5th fret of the E string
may be played open on the A string... I find it better to fret it but it's
really down to your style and preference.

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