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Moby chords for Porcelain acoustic

Guitar chords with lyrics

Porcelain (acoustic version)
Music and lyrics by Moby.  The original version of this song is track
3 on the V2 album Play (63881-27049-2).  The acoustic version can be
heard/seen on the V2 release MOBYPLAY THE DVD.
Transcribed by Kurt Pankau
This transcription is completely my own work and does in no part take
from any other source: copyrighted or otherwise.
Again, this is the acoustic version of the song and, while every bit as
beautiful as the album recording, it sounds very different.  This is how
the song was written and you can play it along with the album this way
but it lacks many of the distinctive qualities of the song, such as the
fading-in string hook.  Without the frills, this version of the song is
also noticably shorter.
The second part of this song is a violin part, which could theoretically
be transcribed to guitar, but I'm not going to do it, so don't bother to
ask.  I'm assuming that whomever seeks to learn this song is doing it
a one-(wo)man-show perspective.  In fact, the only reason I bothered to
submit this much was because it's really easy and it wasn't in the

Main riff:
This is 90% of the song.
   In my dreams I'm dying all...
This is approximate, so feel free to vary it in whatever ways make it
easier (possible) for you to play.  The chords are A chord diagramA augmentedA and Em7.

After "Tell me"
I'm not going to tab this out, because I couldn't see his fingers and
it's not all that important to me for such a short section of the song.
The timing for the chord changes doubles, meaning that where a chord
last one measure during the verse/chorus, during the bridge it lasts two.
The chord progression (played once):
G6/B, Bb, G, A chord diagramF#F#
Fingerings for the chords used in this
A: X02220
Em7: 022030
G6/B: X20030
Bb: X1333X
G: 320003
F#: 244322

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