You Can Love Yourself by Mo Keb

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Song: You Can Love Yourself
Artist: Keb' Mo'
Tabber: John Seekins (

(from the album "Just Like You")

This is a great song. But, not only is it a great song, it's very easy to
play! Here goes...


 A7 (type 1) Adim (type 1) A7 (type 2) Adim (type 2) A  E

 D7 C#7 F#m Bm


 A7 (type 1) Adim (type 1) Adim (type 2) A7 (type 2)
My Baby...
 A7 (type 1) Adim (type 1) Adim (type 2) A7 (type 2)
Didn't call...
 A7 (type 1) Adim (type 1) Adim (type 2) A7 (type 2)
5 Little...
A    E  A
See you...


    D7  C#7 F#m Bm
And if Nobody...
   A    E  A E A
Just Remember...


  Adim A

A few notes:

(1) Adim really is diminished, meaning a double flat 7th, a flat 5th and a
minor third. A lot of people tend to notate half-diminished   chords as
fully diminished.
(2) This song is played w/ your fingers, or w/ finger picks. If anyone
uses a pick on this song after learning it from my tab, I will hunt them
(3) I know you hate to hear this but, listen to the song for timing. W/o
things like full lyrics, I can't write it out for you. So this problem is
obviously the recording industry's fault, not mine.

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