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Mitski chords and tabs

Mitski tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Mitski. Learn songs like Cop Car, I Bet On Losing Dogs, Me and My Husband, Stay Soft Acoustic and Strawberry Blond Ukulele easy.

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Song title Type
A Burning HillGuitar Chords
A Burning HillGuitar Tabs
A Burning Hill UkuleleGuitar Chords
A Burning Hill Ukulele (Ver2)Guitar Chords
A Loving FeelingBass Tabs
A Loving FeelingGuitar Chords
A PearlBass Tabs
A PearlGuitar Chords
A PearlGuitar Intro
AbbeyGuitar Chords
Bag Of BonesGuitar Chords
Bag Of BonesGuitar Tabs
Because Dreaming Costs Money My DearGuitar Solo
Because Dreaming Costs Money, My DearGuitar Chords
Brand New CityBass Tabs
Brand New CityGuitar Chords
Brand New CityGuitar Tabs
Bury Me At Makeout CreekGuitar Tabs
Carry Me OutGuitar Intro
CircleGuitar Chords
Circle UkuleleGuitar Chords
Class Of 2013Guitar Chords
Class Of 2013Guitar Tabs
Come Into The WaterGuitar Chords
Cop CarGuitar Chords
Crack BabyGuitar Chords
Dan The DancerBass Tabs
Dan The DancerGuitar Solo
Drunk Walk HomeBass Tabs
Drunk Walk HomeGuitar Chords
EricGuitar Chords
FireproofBass Tabs
FireworksGuitar Tabs
First Love / Late SpringBass Tabs
First Love Late SpringBass Tabs
First Love Late SpringGuitar Chords
First Love Late SpringGuitar Tabs
First Love Late Spring AcousticGuitar Tabs
First Love Late Spring UkuleleGuitar Chords
Francis ForeverBass Tabs
Francis ForeverGuitar Chords
Francis ForeverGuitar Tabs
Francis Forever (Ver3)Guitar Chords
Francis Forever UkuleleGuitar Chords
Fransis ForeverGuitar Tabs
GeyserGuitar Chords
Geyser AcousticGuitar Chords
Geyser LiveGuitar Tabs
GlideGuitar Solo
Goodbye My Danish SweetheartGuitar Chords
Goodbye My Danish SweetheartGuitar Tabs
HappyBass Tabs
HappyGuitar Chords
HappyGuitar Solo
Heat LightningGuitar Chords
Heat LightningGuitar Solo
HumptyGuitar Chords
HumptyGuitar Tabs
I Bet On Losing DogsBass Tabs
I Bet On Losing DogsGuitar Chords
I Bet On Losing DogsGuitar Tabs
I Don't SmokeBass Tabs
I Don't SmokeGuitar Chords
I Want YouBass Tabs
I Want YouGuitar Chords
I Want YouGuitar Solo
I WillBass Tabs
I WillGuitar Tabs
Jobless MondayBass Tabs
Jobless MondayGuitar Chords
Jobless MondayGuitar Solo
Last Words Of A Shooting StarGuitar Chords
Last Words Of A Shooting StarGuitar Tabs
Last Words Of A Shooting Star UkuleleGuitar Chords
Liquid SmoothBass Tabs
Liquid SmoothGuitar Chords
Lonesome LoveGuitar Chords
Lonesome Love UkuleleGuitar Chords
Love Me MoreGuitar Chords
Love Me MoreGuitar Tabs
Love Me More (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Me And My HusbandBass Tabs
Me And My HusbandGuitar Chords
Me And My Husband UkuleleGuitar Chords
My Bodys Made Of Crushed Little StarsBass Tabs
My Bodys Made Of Crushed Little StarsGuitar Chords
My Bodys Made Of Crushed Little StarsGuitar Tabs
NobodyBass Tabs
NobodyGuitar Chords
Nobody UkuleleGuitar Chords
Old FriendGuitar Chords
Once More To See YouBass Tabs
Once More To See YouGuitar Tabs
Pearl DiverGuitar Chords
Pink In The NightGuitar Tabs
Real MenBass Tabs
Real MenGuitar Chords