Cactus Tree by Joni Mitchell

Cactus Tree chords by Joni Mitchell

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CACTUS TREE- Joni Mitchell

TUNING: D A D F# A D, capo 5th fret

D5 D5addC# Dsus4 D5 D5addD# Dsus4

      D5               Dsus4
There's ..
     D5      Dsus4      Dsus2/G      D(2)
And ..
     D5      Dsus4        D5        Dsus4
Bearing ..
     Dsus4       D        Dsus4        D
He has ...
    Dsus4       D        Dsus4       Asus4
He ...
     D   Dsus2/G    D5addC#  Dsus4    D  Dsus4 D
Of ...





Like a ..

   D5 D5addC# Dsus4 D Dsus2/G D(2) Asus4
D --0-----0--------0----0-----0------0------2----
A --0-----0--------0----0-----0------0------0----
F# --3-----3--------1----0-----1------3------1----
D --0-----0--------0----0-----2------4------2----
A --5-----4--------2----0-----0------0------0----
D --0-----0--------0----0-----0------0------0----

NOTE: This is pretty rough- it may have some mistakes but I figure it's
better than nothing.

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