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The Mission tabs for Hungry like the hunter

Guitar tabs

The main riffy-type stuff from the Mission's Hungry Like the Hunter:

Riff A:

A chord diagramBB|--0---/5---------h3---3---3--s5---5-3--
A chord diagramG+G|---------------------------------------

Riff B:

A chord diagramBB|-------0-----0---------0-----0-----0---------
A chord diagramG+G|-2---------------2----------------------2s4--

The intro is riff A chord diagramA augmentedA three times, followed by B.  They're used in
various combinations throughout the song.

I also have most of the rest of Poison Door, but I have to sit down
with my guitar and write it down.  The above is fresh enough that I
can do it from memory.


ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Hungry Like The Hunter' by The Mission, an alternative rock band formed in 1985 from Leeds, England

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