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Lisa Miskovsky chords and tabs

Lisa Miskovsky tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Lisa Miskovsky. Learn songs like 20th Of December Madison Avenue Ukulele, Acceptable Losses, Another Shape Of My Heart Ukulele, Let Them Come and Wise Guy 2010 easy.

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Song title Type
20th Of December Madison AvenueGuitar Chords
20th Of December Madison Avenue UkuleleGuitar Chords
A Little HighGuitar Chords
Acceptable LossesGuitar Intro
Another Shape Of My HeartGuitar Chords
Another Shape Of My Heart UkuleleGuitar Chords
As Daylight FadesGuitar Chords
Been Through ThisGuitar Chords
Butterfly ManGuitar Chords
Call Me Anything But My NameGuitar Chords
Coming On StrongGuitar Chords
Get It OnGuitar Chords
Got A FriendGuitar Chords
I Am IGuitar Chords
Joan Of ArcGuitar Chords
Judas KissGuitar Chords
Lady StardustGuitar Chords
Last Years SongGuitar Chords
Let Them ComeGuitar Chords
Little BirdGuitar Chords
Little Islet CapeGuitar Chords
LoverGuitar Chords
MaryGuitar Chords
Once Gone Always MissingGuitar Chords
Out Of AirGuitar Chords
Please Forgive MeGuitar Chords
Please Forgive Me UkuleleGuitar Chords
Silver ShoesGuitar Chords
Slip AwayGuitar Chords
Still AliveGuitar Chords
Still Alive AcousticGuitar Chords
Sweet MiseryGuitar Chords
Take Me By The HandGuitar Intro
This FireGuitar Chords
Tougher Than MostGuitar Chords
Waiting For Our Time To ComeGuitar Chords
Why Start A FireGuitar Chords
Wild WindsGuitar Chords
Wise Guy 2010Guitar Chords
You Dance Just Like MeGuitar Chords