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The Misfits chords and tabs

The Misfits tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by The Misfits. Learn songs like Blacklight, London Dungeon, Mars Attacks, Monster Mash and The Haunting easy.

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Song title Type
138Guitar Chords
20 EyesGuitar Chords
Abominable Dr PhibesGuitar Tabs
All Hell Breaks LooseGuitar Tabs
American PsychoGuitar Chords
American PsychoGuitar Tabs
AngelfuckGuitar Tabs
Astro ZombiesBass Tabs
Astro ZombiesGuitar Tabs
AttitudeBass Tabs
AttitudeGuitar Chords
BlacklightBass Tabs
BlacklightGuitar Chords
Blue ChristmasGuitar Chords
BulletBass Tabs
BulletGuitar Tabs
Children In HeatBass Tabs
Children In The HeatGuitar Chords
Come BackGuitar Chords
Day Of The DeadGuitar Chords
Day Of The DeadGuitar Tabs
Death Comes RippingGuitar Chords
Death Comes RippingGuitar Tabs
Descending AngelBass Tabs
Descending AngelGuitar Chords
Descending AngelsGuitar Tabs
Devils WhorehouseBass Tabs
Devils WhorehouseGuitar Tabs
DianaBass Tabs
Die Die My DarlingGuitar Chords
Die Die My Darling (Ver2)Guitar Chords
Dig Up Her BonesGuitar Chords
Don't Open Till DoomsdayGuitar Chords
Dr Phibes Rises AgainGuitar Tabs
Dust To DustGuitar Chords
Earth A D AlbumGuitar Chords
FatherGuitar Chords
FatherGuitar Tabs
Fiend Without A FaceGuitar Chords
Ghost Of FrankensteinGuitar Chords
Ghost Of FrankensteinGuitar Tabs
Ghouls Night OutBass Tabs
Great Balls Of FireGuitar Tabs
HalloweenBass Tabs
HalloweenGuitar Chords
HalloweenGuitar Tabs
HatebreedersGuitar Chords
HelenaBass Tabs
HelenaGuitar Chords
HelenaGuitar Tabs
Hollywood BabylonGuitar Tabs
Hunting HumansGuitar Chords
Hybrid MomentsBass Tabs
Hybrid MomentsGuitar Chords
Hybrid MomentsGuitar Tabs
I Turned Into A MartianGuitar Chords
Kong At The GatesGuitar Tabs
Land Of The DeadGuitar Tabs
Last CaressBass Tabs
Last CaressGuitar Chords
Last CaressGuitar Tabs
Last Caress (Ver2)Guitar Tabs
Last Caress AcousticGuitar Chords
Legacy Of Brutality AlbumGuitar Chords
Living HellBass Tabs
Living HellGuitar Chords
Living HellGuitar Tabs
London DungeonGuitar Chords
London DungeonGuitar Tabs
Lost In SpaceGuitar Chords
Mars AttacksGuitar Chords
Mephisto WaltzBass Tabs
Misfits 1977-1983Guitar Tabs
Misfits AlbumGuitar Chords
Misfits Rarities AlbumGuitar Chords
Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill TonightBass Tabs
Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill TonightGuitar Tabs
Monster MashGuitar Tabs
Night Of The Living DeadBass Tabs
Night Of The Living DeadGuitar Chords
Nightmare On Elm StreetGuitar Chords
Nike A Go GoGuitar Chords
No More MomentsGuitar Chords
Only Make BelieveGuitar Chords
Pumpkin HeadGuitar Chords
Rat FinkGuitar Chords
ResurrectionBass Tabs
ResurrectionGuitar Chords
Return Of The FlyBass Tabs
Return Of The FlyGuitar Tabs
Rise AboveGuitar Tabs
RunawayGuitar Tabs
Saturday NightGuitar Chords
Saturday NightGuitar Tabs
Scarecrow ManGuitar Tabs
Science FictionGuitar Chords
SheBass Tabs