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Misc Traditional tabs for Wilhelmus

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Title:     Wilhelmus van Nassouwe

Tabbed by beelz

*the tab and research are all my own work, feel free to make
changes/additions but please let me know*

so here it is: the Dutch national anthem. It's very easy and sounds really
cool when you put in heavy distortion and some reverb.

some background on the song:
The song was written early 17th century (1626) by a man named Marnix van
St.Allegonde. Some people claim that Coornhert wrote it.
Since 1932 it is officially the national anthem of The Netherlands.

Wilhelmus was Price Willem I (April 25 1533 - July 10 1584) He was the first
king of The netherlands. Wilhelmus is an ode to this great Dutch King.

But of course nobody is interested in this historical talk so here's the tab

NOTE: this tab onlyt refers to the first and sixth couplet of the anthem
since that is the only part most people know.


Almost there ...

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