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Television Music chords for Yogi


Hello netters.
Include is the 'chord' data file for the theme song of Yogi Bear.
I am looking for the words to the same song IN ANY OTHER LANGUAGE. the more the better.
Thanks in advance !

# To be used with the 'chord' utility
# source : "The art of Hanna/Barbera: 50 years of creativity" - Ted Sennett
{t:Yogi Bear Song}
{st: Hanna/Barbera}

[A chord diagramBb majorBb]Yogi ..[A chord diagramC7C7]..
[A chord diagramF7F7]Yogi ..[A chord diagramBb majorBb]ranger's ..

[A chord diagramBb majorBb]At ..[A chord diagramC7C7]find ..
[A chord diagramBb majorBb]Stuffin' ..[A chord diagramF7F7]average ..

He will [A chord diagramFm7Fm7]..[A chord diagramBb7Bb7]but be[A chord diagramEb MajorEb]fore ..
he'll ..[A chord diagramC7C7]ev'ry ..[A chord diagramC7C7]Jellystone [A chord diagramF7F7]Park

[A chord diagramBb majorBb]Yogi ..million[A chord diagramG7G7]naire
[A chord diagramC7C7]That's ..[A chord diagramF7F7]average [A chord diagramBb majorBb]bear

Almost there ...

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