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Trailer Park Boys Theme Song by Television Music

Trailer Park Boys Theme Song tab by Television Music

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title: Trailor Park Boys theme song
tabbed by: greg dmochowski

this is an arrangement for the theme song.
as in, it's one way of playing it. though it requires some stretching at times, it comes out quite nicely.

as with all tabs, you should listen to the song to get the feel for the timing and try to fit what i have written to what you hear.


~ means that i rake the strings with my right hand.

for the xx's:  these are mostly just an indication of pausing.  but in the first bar, i maintain a barre on the 5th fret with my index finger and smack my right hand
against the strings in a percussive way.  ideally, try to get the sound of the 5th fret g and b strings to come out as well.  though this only really flies for the first bar.

  Chord diagramC majorC				Chord diagramDmDm

   Chord diagramC majorC		Chord diagramDmDm

here repeat the very first bar again before going on...

				~		~

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