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Family Guy by Television Music

Family Guy chords by Television Music

Chords with lyrics

This is a re-submission of a song.  It's the Family Guy theme song
written by Walter Murphy.  It's not meant to be played on a guitar, so
this is my best estimation.  I was told last time that I should only
include lyrics (for legal reasons) to help guide the reader, so I omitted
all of the unnecessary words this time; I only used the words that
corresponded to the changes.  I sincerely hope that this can be posted.
Thank you.

     Chord diagramFF        Chord diagramG7G7    Chord diagramBb majorBb            Chord diagramBbmBbm       Chord diagramFF         Chord diagramF7F7

It seems...all

       Chord diagramBb majorBb       Chord diagramFdimFdim      Chord diagramFF             Chord diagramDmDm            Chord diagramC majorC

But where...good old-fash-ioned

Chord diagramBb majorBb         Chord diagramBb7Bb7       Chord diagramFF

Luck-y...fam-i-ly guy

Chord diagramBb majorBb         Chord diagramBbmBbm   Chord diagramFF                 Chord diagramBb majorBb

Chord diagramG minorGm  Chord diagramAm7Am7  Chord diagramDmDm

All... us laugh...

Chord diagramC majorC      Chord diagramDb5Db5  Chord diagramD5D5   Chord diagramE5E5      Chord diagramFF

He^Òs    a    Fam-ily     Guy

this is my original transcription by Chris Cabell at
[email protected]

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