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Misc Soundtrack guitar chords for Ordinary days - ill be here ukulele

Ordinary Days - I'll Be Here Ukulele chords by Misc Soundtrack

Misc Soundtrack guitar chords for Ordinary days - ill be here ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics

Tuning: G C E A (G C E A)

F C Bb C7
Verse 1:
F      C
We met, of all places
Bb      C
in front of Grestedeis
   F     C       D
Some freakishly cold winter's day
D7    Gm           A
I had on several unflattering layers of wool
Dm        Am     Gm
he sliped on the ice with his grocery bags full
   G        D
so I rescued some fruit loops he droped by the curb
 Bm               E
and he made some remark that my smile was superb
 G               D
I thought that was sweet and I started to go

when he said
G          A
"hey, whatcha doing tomorrow "
D        A
Because I'll be here,
Bm        G
At the corner of Bleaker and Mercer
tomorrow at seven.
A            Bm
If you want to meet up, I'll be waiting right here,
C      G        Eb
and in case there are two fellas
F      C
waiting for you,

my name's John."
C    C7       F
He waved and then he was gone


C Bb C C7

Verse 2:
F      C     Bb      C
needless to say I went back there to meet him
F     C      D
mostly to see if he'd show
and there he was
Gm             A
out in the cold with his jacket pulled tight
Dm       Am    Gm
he took me to dinner and kissed me goodnight
G              D
thenext week we went to this terrible play
Bm               E
and the week after that drank hot chocolate all day
G              D
when suddenly eight or nine months had flown by
        G            A
when he said "hey, whatcha doin' the rest of your life?
D        A
because I'll be here,
Bm           G
right beside you as long as you want me to be
there's no question
A           Bm
there is nothing I've wanted so much in my life
C  G      Eb
it may sound immaature
    F     C
but Im totally sure you're the one."
And we had just begun
We got hitched in september
our favorite month
    C              G
with a rock band that played in this old synogoge
and we bought an apartment
on west seventeen street
and talked about children
and getting a dog
A        Dm
our first aniversary came in a flash
Am                A
And we promsied to take the day off
D              A
he had to stop into his office that morning
and so
I went walking uptown to this bakery I know
when I heard on the street
what I thought was a joke
till I noticed the sirens
and saw all the smoke
now im running back home

with this feeling of dread
Dm    Bb
to the voicemail he left,
Dm            A
with the last words he said...

F C7

Verse 3:
Im sorry
I don't mean to ruin your evening
by telling you all of this stuff
D    Gm         A
you're probobly wondering why I even called you tonight
Dm             Am          Gm
well I saw something today that spooked me all right
G                D
I saw this stormcloud of papers fall down from the sky
and I thought of that day
and I started to cry
when as sure as I breathe
I heard John clear as day
whispering "Hey, you're allowed to move on,
it's okay."

D        A
Because I'll be here
Bm             G          D
Even if you decide to get rid of my favorite sweater
   Am          Bm   C
even if you go out on my birthday this year
G      Eb      F
instead of sitting at home
letting all of life's moments passs by
Am         D7
you don't have to cry

Eb        Bb
Because I'll be here
Cm                Ab       Eb
When you start going back to the places that we went together
Bb                Cm
when you take off my ring and you let yourself smile
Ab                 Eb
When you meet someone handsome and patient and true
     Cm            F
when he says that he wants to be married to you
Ab                 Eb
when you call him one night and he meets you downtown
Cm   Bb         Fm
and you finally answer him "Yes."

Jason, I will marry you
I will give you my heart
Gm        F
It has taken so long
but im ready to start
right now John's whispering congrats in my ear
casue I finally let myself tell you
Bb       Eb
that I will be here


Bb G#7 Bb Eb


If you didn't cry your big wack

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