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Misc Soundtrack chords for Hamilton - i have this friend ukulele

Hamilton - I Have This Friend Ukulele chords by Misc Soundtrack

Misc Soundtrack chords for Hamilton - i have this friend ukulele

Guitar chords with lyrics

Tuning: G C E A (G C E A)

Dm C G
   Mr. President, do you have a minute?
Dm          C    A
  Yeah, what is it, Mr. Secretary?
I have this friend
    C   G
He's quite a guy
Dm                  C    A
   He's in a bit of a bind and he needs advice

How can I help you-
Not me, this friend, it's a friend

All right
       C  G
He's in the public eye
Well, did something wrong
    C     A
And he paid the price, expensive price
    Dm           C
Made a mistake in his personal life
And now it's bleeding over into the professional
   Dm          C
His enemies are said to strike
With news that's suited to a church confessional
What they think they know
C               G
Isn't what happened and they know I know
              Dm     C   A
They won't stop until the world turns upside down
So this friend?

      C   G
Did he break the law?
No sir,  what he did was private
  C    A
And no one saw. No one saw? No one saw!
Then your friend
      C  G
Should just move on
      Dm        C         A
Don't respond, stay quiet until these men are gone-
But he can't just not respond, these men
      C            G
Whisper again and again until his reputation's in the mud
   Dm         C
These men, these envious venomous men
Won't let go the scent till they taste blood.
But do they need to know?
    C      G
If he's really done nothing wrong

It doesn't matter if
 Dm       C   A
The world turns upside down
Calm down
Damned if I do or if I don't
But I won't be accused of financial impropriety
I don't see how
 Dm            C
They can take away what I say
If I say it first they can make it worse with their rank, false piety
People will make fun of this
But I can get in front of this
I can take the pain and shame
But I will clear my name
    C          A
I will show them all in the end
You mean your, friend?
       C  G
Yeah, I mean my friend
   Dm                C      A
He's come too far for them to drag him through the dirt
Well I don't know your friend
    C     G
But I know you're MY friend
Dm          C       A              Dm
  Alexander, be careful who you hurt, who you hurt, who you hurt

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