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The recording I have is in C, but if you play it in C, it has the
dreaded Eb chord, and I have ethical problems with that chord. Here it
is in A, which I like playing a _lot_ better. If you really want to
play in C, capo 3. Nyaah.

Chords are shown in "Rise Up Singing" format. The only thing odd in the
chords below is that two chords smooshed up together (e.g. "CG") is not a
chord/bass-note pair. It's two chords each occupying half a beat.
Normally each chord occupies one "beat," and you have to figure the length
of a beat yourself. (A chord/bass pair looks like "D/F#".) " / " means
the end of a line.

Note that there are different versions of this song with some surprising
lyrical and structural diferrences. This is taken from the Broadway
album. No bridge, like my SO had to learn for a stage production she was
a part of years ago.

"Corner of the Sky," from the musical "Pippin" by Steven Schwartz.

Verses (everything has its season, every man has his daydreams, et al.)

/ A Bm A G / D A Bm E / G C F Bm7 / Em CG AG A /

Chorus (rivers belong where they...)

/ D Dmaj7 E* - / C#m - D - / A Bm Em F#m / Bm A Em - A - /

(E* is just an E7 hammer-on to E; I thought writing E7E looked funny.)

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