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"Mystifies Me" by Son Volt, from "Trace" CD


capo 1st fret

pause a bit just before jumping from G to C in each line, then make a quick
jump to D and then G.

G                   C
                            D  G
Stay a while and work it out with ...
G                   C
                         D     G
Give me a sign, I'll take your word, ...
G                C
                         D    G
That is all I'm lookin to ya for...
G                        C
              D       G
Take it, leave it, make things ...
G                 C
                        D       G
Take it all apart and put it back...
G             C              D  G
You look so fine, true, ...
 G        C    G    C     G
I would not lie ...

Let me see you, let me know your ...

(solo and out)

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