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Album: Balalaika - Russia's Most Beautiful Ballads
Tabbed By: Faraz Danish (webmaster@fardan.zzn.com)

Remember that sweet tune from the "olden" 8-bit TETRIS, TV-Video Game.
Yes this is it! It actually is an old Russian folk song.
What's present here is pretty much what there is to the=20
actual version that plays on the TV-Game :). If I find the full version, =

I shall update the tab.

Seal of Authenticity: I(nODMasTer A chord diagramD MajorD TABBED THIS)

So here goes,


If there any mistakes in the above or any comments PLEASE let=20
me know at webmaster@fardan.zzn.com.
Thanks for reading this.
P     A chord diagramE MajorE      A chord diagramA augmentedA      A chord diagramC majorC      A chord diagramE MajorE
(comes from our minds and hearts and not out of guns)
ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Kalinka' by, formed in 2000

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