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Misc Christmas tabs for Carol of the bells (Ver. 2)

Guitar tabs

A chord diagramA augmentedA nice fun Christmas song to play:) "Carol Of The Bells" Enjoy.

guitar 1                     guitar 2
e------------------          e---------------|
b------------------ plays 4  b--12-10-12-----| guitar 2 comes in
g--12-11-12-9------ times    g-----------12--| after guitar 1 plays
d------------------          d---------------| intro 4 times, then both
a------------------          a---------------| guitars play their parts
E------------------          E---------------| 4 times.

guitar 1
b-------------------------------------- \
g--9-99-7/5-4-44-2-0-2-22-4-2-0--------  \
d-------------------------------2------   \
a--------------------------------------    \
E--------------------------------------     \
                                             both guitars play at the
guitar 2                                     same time.
e--12-1212-10/8-7-77-5-3-5-55-5/7-5/3--     /
b--------------------------------------    /
g--------------------------------------   /
d--------------------------------------  /
a-------------------------------------- /

guitar 1                       guitar 2
e----------------------------  e--------------------------------|
b----------------------------  b------------------10h12p10------|once again
g----------------------------  g----------9-11-12----------12---|both played
d----------------7h9p7-------  d--9-11-13-----------------------|at the same
a---------7-9-10-------10----  a--------------------------------|time.
E--7-9-11--------------------  E--------------------------------|

I think thats about it guys, from here you can just play it however many times you like

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