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Ministry chords and tabs

Ministry tabs and guitar chords
Guitar chords and tabs to all the popular songs by Ministry. Learn songs like Jesus Built My Hot Rod, Search and Destroy, So What, Stigmata and Thieves easy.

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Song title Type
All DayBass Tabs
BloodlustGuitar Tabs
BreatheBass Tabs
Burning InsideBass Tabs
Cannibal SongBass Tabs
Dead GuyGuitar Tabs
DeityBass Tabs
DestructionBass Tabs
Dream SongBass Tabs
Every Day Is HalloweenBass Tabs
Filth PigGuitar Chords
Golden DawnBass Tabs
Isle Of ManGuitar Chords
JbmhGuitar Tabs
Jesus Built My Hot RodGuitar Tabs
Just One FixGuitar Tabs
Khyber PassGuitar Tabs
LavaGuitar Tabs
Lay Lady LayBass Tabs
Lets GoGuitar Tabs
Never BelieveBass Tabs
Never Believe SoloGuitar Tabs
NwoGuitar Tabs
Psalm69Guitar Tabs
ScarecrowGuitar Chords
Search And DestroyGuitar Chords
Senor PeligroGuitar Tabs
So WhatBass Tabs
So WhatGuitar Tabs
StigmataBass Tabs
StigmataGuitar Tabs
Stigmata2Guitar Tabs
Supermanic SoulGuitar Tabs
SupernautGuitar Tabs
The MindGuitar Tabs
ThievesBass Tabs
ThievesGuitar Tabs
Truth CollapsingBass Tabs
TviiGuitar Tabs
UnsungGuitar Tabs