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Steve Miller tabs for Rockin  me

Tabs with lyrics

I only know the intro, sorry.  But since nothing for this song was up there, I decided
to post this anyway.

Listen to song for tempo
A5(3 times)- A chord diagramB5B5

B5(3 times)- A chord diagramA5A5

A chord diagramA augmentedA  (barred 5th fret formation plucked in sort-of arpeggio) - B(barred 5th fret Formation)
All of that played twice.  Then a third time, except on the 3rd time, do not go from the
Bar A chord diagramA augmentedA to Bar B.  Instead of Bar B, play Riff 1:

Riff 1:


play this twice.

Sorry, thats as much as I know.  Hope this helps you all somewhat and maybe it will help one
of you figure out the rest.  If anyone gets the rest, please post it.

Tabbed out by 6thGear360
(I aslo did Jackson Browne's Running on empty on this site so check it out before you leave.)

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