Saved By Hell by Millencolin

Saved By Hell chords by Millencolin

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Album: Machine 15
Tabbed by Malte

I could not find any chords/tabs of this melodic but nice song; so I've tried my
best, it's my first one!!!

Acoustic version

Tuning: Standard

Capo in 2nd fret

Trouble down on my own street
Em          Am
Domestic violence on repeat
D           Em
Smashed up doors and yelling again
D         Em
Some say you are insane
But I don't think so I love you
Em            Am
When you are smiling I am too
D               Em
The only troubles I have are yours
D           Em
Please just make them end
D            Em
Until they find you something that cures
D        F#
I hide away at friends

I was saved by the bell
or rather saved by hell
Because it didn't kill me
no it rather drilled me
To be doing well

My friends look forward to friday night
While I am anxious
for the weekend fights
In a small apartment
there's nowhere to run
When chaos has begun
I hold my ears to dull the noise
But I can still hear your loud voice
I hide under my bed 'til it's gone
Why can't you get along?

I was saved by the bell
or rather saved by hell
Because it didn't kill me
no it rather drilled me
To be doing well

I was saved by hell
and now I'm doing well
It didn't kill me then
It will not kill me now.

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