Bullion Acoustic Live by Millencolin

Bullion Acoustic Live chords by Millencolin

Guitar chords with lyrics

intro:/fill - hold G and D on 5 and 6 the entire time
Em C D
repeat once

G      D
Twenty one, feeling down
C     Em       D
I tell you nothing with a thousand words
G        D
and I weaker get with every step
C     Em             D
I waste my money on compact disc's and staly fish
G          D        C
I can't remember the last time I did something
       Em         D
that made me feel all right for longer than a few hours
G         D           C
if I only had the strength to make some muffins
    Em         D
then I swear that I would share them with you now

fill - hold G and D on 5 and 6 the entire time
Em C D
repeat once

G D C Em D X4
G  D      C
Am I odd or am I not?
      Em        D
that's the question I spend time an*lyzing
G   D         C
I'm so soft but still I'm not
    Em        D
living up to what people want me to be
G       D          C
cause I'm busy with me, myself and I
       Em            D
can't be understood by someone I don't know to well
G            D             C
so I'm shutting out the whole world just to play Nintendo
        Em         D
I've got these new games but I'm afraid you can't join me

these last few years I've been struggling
tried of keeping a low profile
C              C (slide up 2 frets)
and now it's time to show that i'm alive

Gonna change my life
change my plans
     Em           C
change my friends, even start to dance now

change my thoughts
Change my socks
     Em           C
change my moves, even change my pro fighter Q for you

G    D        Em
no no no that's not for you
C          G
this one's just for me
G      D       Em
just for me, just for me, just for me
C G (let ring)

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