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The Living Years by Mike + The Mechanics

The Living Years chords by Mike + The Mechanics


The Living Years

Written by Mike Rutherford and B.A. Robertson
>From the album, Living Years (Mike & The Mechanics), 1988

Transcribed by Hisao Chida ([email protected])

Key: A-Flat Major, Time: 4/4, Tempo: 98

<Synth solo>
|Chord diagramAbAb  |    |Chord diagramG minorGm  |    |
|Chord diagramBbmBbm |    |Chord diagramEb MajorEb  |    ||

<Enter drums and mute guitar>
|Chord diagramAbAb  |    |    |    |

Verse 1: (0:30-)
|Chord diagramAbAb              |      |
 Every ...
|Chord diagramDbmaj7Dbmaj7               |
 Blames the one ...
   |Chord diagramAbAb                       |
And all of their ...
    |Chord diagramDbmaj7Dbmaj7               |
Come beating on ...

I know that ...
To all my father ...
 |Chord diagramBbmBbm
I know that ...
To all his hopes ...
      |Chord diagramEb MajorEb                        |
I just wish I could ha...
|Db/Eb  Chord diagramEb MajorEb    |Chord diagramAbAb    |     |
 In the ...

[Verse 2] (1:08-)

 Crumpled bits of ....

 You say you just ....

Chorus: (1:48-)
      |Chord diagramAbAb   |       |Chord diagramDbDb   |
Say it loud,  ...
       |Chord diagramBbmBbm      |Chord diagramEb MajorEb         |Chord diagramAbAb   |
You can listen as ...

        |Chord diagramAbAb  |        |Chord diagramDbDb  |
It's too late  ...
     |Chord diagramBbmBbm         |Chord diagramEb MajorEb        |Chord diagramAbAb   |
To ad-mit we don't ...

[Verse 3] (2:27-)

<Enter overdrive and snare>

 So we open up a .....

 So don't yield to ....

(Chorus) (3:06-)

[Verse 4] (3:45-)

 I wasn't there that ....

 I think I caught his ...

(Chorus) (4:23-)

Coda: (5:02-)
||       |Chord diagramAbAb   |       |Chord diagramDbDb   ||
   Say it loud,  ...<repeat to fade

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