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Mic Check And Sincere tabs for Freestyle camp


Freestyle Camp By Mic Check And Sincere
Tabbed By Adrian Singleton - ami_llama@hotmail.com

(This song is from their forthcoming album, which has yet to be titled).

 Standard Tuning on a Six String Acoustic

 E ---5---5---5---|  Finger Picked and
 B --5---5---5-5--|  repeated as needed
 G -5---5---5---5-|
 D 7---7---7-----7|
 A ---------------|
 E ---------------|

  Note played over chorus
 E ---12~--|  Let ring
 B --------|
 G --------|
 D --------|
 A --------|
 E --------|

 Played over second verse
 E ----7-5~----5-7~-----7-5~----5-7~----3-0~---------|
 B 7-5~----7-5~-----7-5~----7-5~----1-0~----1-0~-----|
 G --------------------------------------------------|
 D --------------------------------------------------|
 A --------------------------------------------------|
 E --------------------------------------------------|

 Outro Riff
 E --12^-12-13-12-----------| Use a Pick
 B ---------------12-9-10^--| for this part
 G -------------------------|
 D -------------------------|
 A -------------------------|
 E -------------------------|

This file is all my own work, so feel free to send me corrections...

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'Freestyle Camp' by, formed in 2000

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