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The Meters bass tabs for Tippi toes

Bass tabs

Album: Cissy Strut

Transcribed by Nathan Åkerlund (natman@tjohoo.se)

Tuning is EADG.

Main riff             Bridge
---7-----5------5-5---7---    ---------------------------------
-----7-7----7-7-----7-----    ---------------------------------
-5----------------------5- (x12) -5-5-------5-5-------5-5-------5-
--------------------------    ------5-5---------5-------5-5----

Main riff x2
Short break, play D once

Main riff x4

Now play the same pattern as the main riff but in G:
-10--------------------------------10- (x2)

Main riff x2


Main riff x16 (fades out).

This is a cool funky song, enjoy :)
Feel free to contact me if you have any opinions on this transcription.

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