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Metallica tabs for We did it again

Guitar tabs with lyrics

Ja Rule and Metallica
"We did it again" from the Swizz Beatz album
Tabbed by KtuluCJ77 (Chris Jones) ktulucj77@aol.com

Tuned 1 1/2 steps down ( C#, F#, B, E, G#, c# )

this is all my own work..I figured it out straight from the song and it soun=
ds good

riff 1- intro and the Hetfield vocals part
B-- 2~-----7~~ /7---7-----9--9
F#- 2~2-5--7~~ /7---7--5--9--9   listen for exact timing, it's slow
C#- 0~0-3--5~~ /5---5--3--7--7   repeat.
        .              .

riff 2- main riff, kirk sometimes plays through some effect

B--6 / 8---8--8---8-8--8--8---           -6 / 8----5 / 6----------------
F#-4 / 6---6--6---6-6--6--6--- 3 X then  -4 / 6----3 / 4---8 / 10--6 / 8
C#----------------------------           ----------------- 6 / 8 --4 / 6  re=

riff 3- kirk's "lead" part (repeat twice)

                          full               full   full
B-----------------------------------------13--------------  then >

E-----11--13--11----11----13^ (15)(15)(15)(15)(15)-11--  the (15) is the 13
B--13--------------13---13----------------------------13  picked while bent

end lead- after riff 3

B-13^(15)--13^(15)--13^(15)--13^(15)--13^(15)----13   3 X then >

E-11~-------------11h13--13^ 11--
B-----13--11h13------------------ repeat twice

that's about it...just listen for the feel and you will own this song

ⓘ Guitar tab for 'We Did It Again' by Metallica, a thrash metal band formed in 1981 from Los Angeles, USA. Metallica is known for their angry metal music.

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