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Metallica tabs for The memory remains

Guitar tabs with lyrics


HEY METAL MILITIANS!!!Not to offend anyone but I’ve seen other tabs for this song and they aren’t as accurate,and
Well I don’t know, try mine and see if it fits ‘cause it’s real easy to play!!!!Here I will just put the strings you need to play not the whole fertboard….I’ll put the number and tone (for example string 5 at ½ step down is 5Ab.)


then after the 3rd hit

6EbI------3---0—2—3—0-(the whole lines not cutted just ignore them take them as cutted)

now place a power chord at 6th string 3rd fret  and damping play  it 4 times normal until you then hit it really fast that should create the feedback effect heard on the song

and continue with verse always playing it 3 times and that last riff after it.but im not gonna give you the whole song so just listen and figure out the measures.Also there’s 2 variations  on the verse , but I only know 1 so far here it is:

when it goes “another star denies the grave” about the 3rd and 5th measures of the first verse you hit

4DbI---------5/7b5 7/9

and that’s it
I don’t know neither of the solos so youll have to look for em someplace else,sorry .But under them play the normal verse


5AbI-same as first riff for intro and when James says “ gone insane” and jason says “insane” hit------5-------5
 6EbI-                                                                                                                                                           0—3—0—3

I neither know the na,na part but what I do is hit power chords at 6th string  frets 3 and 5  3 when she sings a low “na”,5 for a high “na”  but any way play and add other parts to this if you like so like to play the whole time…

Drift away…..same as chorus all 3 times then when it goes ash to ash,ash to ash  dust to dust….

Hit a power chord on 6th string 3rd fret damping at first then gripping it so to make the sound louder(get it )
But don’t let it sound like the feedback on the first part!!! The other guitar just put your pick perpendicular to the string and scratch the string from the last pickup(humbucker sounds better for this)down and continue verse before going back to na na land….Hope you can get it out!!

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