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Natalie Merchant chords for Break your heart


song: break your heart by natalie merchant
album: ophelia

although this song has barely any guitar exept for the solo, it sounds good
just by strumming along with the drum.  The timing will change slightly throughout
the song, so listen carefully.
Break Your Heart- Natalie Merchant

capo I.

A chord diagramC majorC
People down.....
A chord diagramG+G
disillsion everywhere....
A chord diagramFF
hoping their....
A chord diagramC majorC
little harder...
(follow pattern throughout verse)

   A chord diagramA minorAm
   A chord diagramDmDm
   A chord diagramG+G
   A chord diagramC majorC

have fun, it sounds really good with just an acoustic guitar and vocals.

questions on natalie merchant or any other songs withinsame category, e-mail

ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Break Your Heart' by Natalie Merchant, a female alternative rock artist from Jamestown, NY. Natalie Merchant was born in 1963.

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