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Mephisto Walz tabs for Spoken word

Guitar tabs

SPOKEN WORD (Mephisto Walz) -from 'Crocosmia'
TAB: Rog Frace (fracer@rpi.edu)


Main riff: all on the A chord diagramG+G string
A chord diagramG+G --12--9-9-11-:

Break riff:
A chord diagramE MajorE --10--12--3--/--10--12--5-----
A chord diagramBB --10--12--3--/--10--12--3-----


Main riff:
A chord diagramD MajorD --10...--2..-5-9--
	when playing the 10th fret, you can add on the 5th (G12) as well for

Break riff:
A chord diagramG+G --7--9------
A chord diagramD MajorD --------5---
	these are the primary notes.  after the A chord diagramD MajorD there's some embellishment
	leading back up the the B.  just improvise something,
	usu. on the C, D,F

note: on the guitar use a lot of distortion  buried under medium room reverb
with a high mix.  chorus and delay do wonders as well.

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