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Mental Midgets bass tabs for Free t-shirt

Bass tabs with lyrics

Group: Mental Midgets
Transcribed (made up bye): Alex Kinne <Akinne@tlcnet.muohio.edu>

    Okay, this ain't guitar tabby, this is bass tabby. It is played
throughout the
whole song, and is really easy to play. In fact I made it up one night
in my room and listening to PrImUs!!!

    Okay, I guesse if you've never heard of Mental Midgets before, it's
because they
're a local group around Miami University. In fact, the group originates from
din Highschool (which I attend, and am a freshman too). This band has One
 from Badin, and a few from other areas of Hamilton. I'm not part of the
band, b
ut am a music-writer-maker-uper-dude-person that helps them make their music.

and I hope that the strings go: E, A, D, G, B, E, and if they don't don't
think I
'm stupid
or something!

                                x <the amoun
you want to playit>
    \/\/\/\/\//\/\/\ - Bend the string
    6/7       - slide up from 6 to 7

Well, basically that's it. I think that it should be enough to get you
through t
he entire
song, but maybe not enough to show you everything, so here are some other
about the band:
Lot's of power chords
Hard, fast, and awesome guitar lines (solo's and fills and stuff)
basically, it kicks butt.

    Good luck, and remember, it's not hard to sound good, and not know
ⓘ Bass guitar tab for 'Free T-shirt' by, formed in 2000

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