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Melvins chords for Prig

Guitar chords

Melvins - Prig

Intro: alternate A chord diagramC majorC & A chord diagramG+G chords.
|(A chord diagramG+G)-------------------------|-------------------------|
 "All the hand and other land"

|--------------(A chord diagramC majorC)-----------|--------------(A chord diagramG+G)--------|
 "And all I~Rve done to get along."

 "All those steal when I've been there,"

|---------(A chord diagramC majorC)----------------|--------------(A chord diagramG+G)--------|
 "Made me harder than the ground."

 "All that fire illuminates,"

|------------(A chord diagramC majorC)-------------|-------------------------|
 "It left me miles from anywhere."

|----------------------------|(A chord diagramD MajorD)----------------------|
"Hiding over there."

 "Anyone I can see"

|---------(A chord diagramC majorC)----------------|-------------------------|
 "I could find in anyone"

 "As long as they're in there"

|--------------(A chord diagramG+G)-----------|-------------------------|
 "I will never fail."


ⓘ Guitar chords for 'Prig' by Melvins, a sludge metal band formed in 1982 from Seattle, USA

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